Many Missing The Point On National Issues



Many of the major issues facing our country today are fogged by misdirection and "spin."

Immigration reform. The main problems with the vast majority of "illegals" from Mexico are -- (1) That they have no intention and/or desire to become Americans. Their allegiance will always be to Mexico. (2) That, because of (1) above, they are causing a split in the country by not being willing to learn and speak English.

"Wars." Any time the federal government dubs something a "War On ...", it means they don't have any measurable criteria for success and have created a bottomless pit in which to dump taxpayers' money.

Iraq. This has become an, perhaps unique, instance of one of the "Wars" referred to above. Bush has not stated, other than "weapons of mass destruction," which was resolved early on, what mission we are "staying the course" for in Iraq. (I personally think it is, and has always been, to get U.S. oil companies access to Iraqi oil for their profit.)

Drug Busts. Although they are touted as big victories in the "War on Drugs," they really act to keep the street price up, thereby actually benefiting the cartels/dealers and increasing drug-associated crime. The "war," if it is to benefit the general public by reducing drug-related crime, should concentrate on the user community, not on useless generation of "headlines."

U.S. Legal System. Those who are at all aware of reality stopped calling it the "Justice System" years ago. Those who profit from the current system, the attorney community and the wealthy, tell us that it is the best system in the world and that it would be difficult to improve. A good start toward improvement and movement toward a real "Justice System," would be a simple law -- "Any attorney who knowingly defends a guilty client as innocent will be subject to the same penalty, as if he had committed the crime with which his client is charged."

Finally, the United States is a "great country." Is it, now? Think about it.

Richard S. Lindfors, Payson

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