Nominate Rotary Club 'Teacher Of The Year'


The Rotary Club of Payson will be awarding $3,000 (six separate awards of $500) to teachers and/or administrators to pursue projects and purchase classroom materials for the benefit of the students of Payson's public schools.

Nominations for "Teacher of the Year" (an award added last year by the club) or the educational grants are open to fellow teachers and administrators from the district.

All nominations must be submitted to: The Rotary Club of Payson, P.O. Box 571, Payson, AZ 85547, no later than July 9.

According to Celeste Parsons, chair of the club's scholarship committee, the award for "Teacher of the Year" is separate from the educational grants, and can be used by the recipient for any purpose at all, not just educational.

Parsons said, "The winner of the ‘Teacher of the Year' award will receive a check for $500 to be spent in any way the recipient wishes."

She said she had high hopes of already having numerous nominations in hand by this time, since she originally sent the applications out to the district in April. She contacted the district office and they explained that the applications had somehow been lost or misplaced.

She has since re-e-mailed the applications to the district, but she is asking teachers and administrators to contact her personally if they have trouble getting the application, since the awards ceremony is only weeks away and she has not yet received a single award nomination application.

Parsons said, "Any teacher or administrator who wants to nominate someone can get a hold of me and fill out an application and I will make sure it gets in."

The Rotary Club does not award money to be used for computers, laptops, or projects involving complex electrical wiring, such as Internet connections to classrooms.

Grants and the "Teacher of the Year" award are scheduled to be given out at the Annual School District Appreciation Barbecue on Wednesday, Aug. 15, at Rumsey Park.

For more information, call Celeste Parsons at (928) 474-5729, or e-mail

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