Payson Should Have Separate Parking For Smaller Cars



I drive a lovely pearl blue Mitsubishi Eclipse. Its color, one of a kind. Unfortunately, a large truck backed into my car this evening, causing damage to the hood, while it was parked in a restaurant parking lot. The driver said he was unable to see my car from his rear view mirror. This incident sparked my desire to write this letter.

I think there ought to be designated spaces for smaller cars in the parking lots, which are separated from spaces for the monster trucks. I have often parked head in, only to come out and find my little car surrounded by two of these giant trucks on each side, with no way to safely see how to back out. There are designated areas for small cars in big city lots. Why not have them in our town as well? I would like to know if there are others who support this idea.

Donna Steckal, Payson

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