Whispering Pines Fire District Growing At Fast Pace



The Whispering Pines Fire District has been growing at a very fast pace over the past year.

Recently, Bonita Creek, Shadow Rim Ranch and Cowan Ranch were added to our response area, which already included Whispering Pines, Camp Geronimo, Rim Trail, Washington Park, Geronimo Estates and Elusive Acres.


Whispering Pines Fire District Assistant Chief Dave Bullard works on the injured jumper and a Lifestar Ambulance employee holds the IV bag, while on a ledge 30 feet below the top of the cliff, where people jump from, into the narrows of the East Verde River near the Water Wheel Campground.

There is presently Station 71 in Whispering Pines, temporary Shelter 72 in Rim Trail and Station 73 in Geronimo Estates. The Rim Trail residents have started a fund-raising committee led by Bob Seiler to build a permanent Station 72 in Rim Trail and plans are being considered for a Station 74 in Bonita Creek.

Our Firewise efforts seem to have paid off so far and the monsoons will soon be here. Thanks to all who have made our communities a safer place.

The Chase Creek Brush Pit will continue to be open on the second Saturday and the fourth Sunday of each month, unless the forest becomes closed for fire restrictions.

Thank you to Diane Stevens, Haley Stevens, Mitch Shappely, Pat Durham, Janet Weber, Michelle Buzan and Judy Carson for helping monitor the pit this season.

The next fire board meeting will be at Station 71 on Wednesday, July 11, at 6 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend.

For questions regarding agenda items, please check the community bulletin board or call our new administrative assistant, Heather Robb, at (928) 474-3088 on Tuesday or Thursday.

The Whispering Pines Fire District Auxiliary will meet at Norah Johnson's home in Whispering Pines at 1:30 p.m. July 8. New members are always welcome.

The Auxiliary works hard to raise funds to purchase firefighters' uniforms and other necessities. For questions about the auxiliary or for directions, please call Nancy Jones at (928) 474-2876.

Come on over to the next pancake breakfast at Station 71 on Saturday, July 14, from 8 to 10 a.m. Our cooks make several different flavors of mouthwatering pancakes with bacon, sausage and all the trimmings.

Family Movie Night will be at Station 71 on July 28. Come on over at 7 p.m. for fun and snacks.

The fire department continues to recruit for volunteers. Anyone who is interested in being a firefighter, medical technician or support personnel, please contact Chief Essary at (928) 474-3088. You do not have to go into burning buildings and/or fight fire to be a part of this team. There are jobs for everyone.

Geronimo Estates

The Geronimo Estates /Elusive Acres water system has been having pump problems, causing the storage tank to get low. Brooke Utilities claims to now have the pump fixed and water supplies are resumed, although there is still a Stage 5 sign displayed at the entrance to the community. When these shortages exist, for one reason or another, everyone needs to do their part to conserve water until the tank gets full again, which, of course, depends on how many people are using how much water.

Whispering Pines

The Whispering Pines Fifth Annual Fourth of July Parade will be held on Saturday, June 30, at 10:30 a.m. As usual, participants need to meet at the East Verde Baptist Church at 10 a.m. to get organized.

If you have not yet entered and want to do so, please call Nancy Jones at (928) 474-2876 as soon as possible.

After the parade, the Auxiliary will provide a barbecue lunch at the fire station, so come on over for good food and meet people from the ten communities that make up our fire district.

This All-American weekend will extend into Sunday at the East Verde Baptist Church. Morning service will be at 10:30 a.m. and there will be a potluck picnic after the service. Come on over for more good food and to meet more people from the local communities.

Ticket sales will be available for the homemade quilt that will be raffled by the Auxiliary. One dollar per ticket or $5 for six tickets. The raffle will be held on Labor Day weekend.

Camp Geronimo

As most of you know, the Scout camps are in full swing and there is a huge amount of traffic traveling on the Control Road. Be careful when rounding curves and cresting hills, because, as the traffic wears

ruts in the road, the people move over to a smoother part, which is usually in the middle. Roads cannot be graded until we get some moisture, so all we can do is be careful.

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