55 Pies Stolen From 260 Café


When a thief or thieves broke into the 260 Café on Friday night, Feb. 23, they did not take a single dollar. Instead, they raided the refrigerator.

"Someone must have gained a few pounds," said 260 Café owner, George Dienwillner. "They stole 55 pies and other prepared food -- salsa and roast beef."


Employees Jack Gossard and Tammy Hunt of the 260 Café serve up a piece of cherry pie, a week after 55 pies were stolen from the restaurant.

A week later, he and his customers can joke about the loss, but at 5 a.m. Saturday morning, when manager and cook, Jack Gossard, came into work, it was frustrating.

"Jack called me early and said, ‘You are lucky you don't come in until 9 a.m. You'd be flipped out'," said assistant manager, Tammy Hunt.

All her work from the night before -- stocking shelves and filling coffee filters -- was undone. Papers were strewn all over the office.

In addition to stealing the pies, the culprit or culprits nabbed coffee, plastic Pepsi cups and even a chimichanga off a plate in the display case, leaving behind the display's rice and beans.

"The chimi was advertising a new menu item," Hunt said. "I hope the person who ate it got sick."

Pie baker, Pat Ross, makes a minimum of 18 pies each week for the restaurant -- two of each -- pumpkin, apple, coconut cream, peach, blueberry, blackberry, cherry, lemon meringue and cheesecake.

On Saturday, she stepped up when the restaurant needed her and spent the day baking.

Still, early weekend tourists who came to the restaurant for a piece of pie were disappointed.

"Through the local markets we were able to supply ourselves (with fresh ingredients), but it was aggravating," Dienwillner said. "We have people come from the Valley, from other states and ship our pies to other places."

The only physical damage to the restaurant from the robbery was a broken window over the dishwasher.

The thief or thieves used the café's own trash cans to transport the pies.

Meanwhile, the black powder the police used to dust for fingerprints has been wiped clean by Hunt.

The dry goods have been restocked and, perhaps more importantly to 260 Café customers, the pastry shelves are full of fresh-baked pies.

"I've heard of a lot of things, but a pie robber, I've never heard of that," Dienwillner said.

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