Learning To Face Unfairness With Grace May Be Greatest Victory



I have a friend who is a social worker and goes into some dangerous areas to assist others. One day, she came back to her car and it was painted with graffiti.

When I saw her car the next day, she said, "You know, it needed painting after all."

I learned great lessons from her about how to always find the best in every circumstance.

The unfairness, and, in essence, defeat that the Lady Longhorns have experienced may be hard to come to terms with.

As I have pondered the unfortunate situation, I wondered what my friend would say to make sense of it all.

Probably, she would have told the team that life isn't always fair and bad things do happen to good people.

Lady Horns, you have a wonderful life in front of you. I would bet that the anger and hurt is not as deep within you as it once was. To face the future with hope and joy, you must learn to live life fully, move from past disappointments, heartbreaks, rejections and mistakes and go forward without letting those sufferings be a destructive force. The art of forgiving and forgetting is absolutely necessary.

Remember that during the winter the sun shines a little longer each day than it did the day before.

And, after winter, God sends beautiful spring days. The trophy on your mantel forever is that you accepted the disappointment with grace. Trophies tarnish. Integrity is priceless.

May God bless your lives.

Patricia L. Frisbie, Payson

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