Anger Of Community Punishment Enough For Teen



I am writing in the defense of the teenager involved in the cat case. Yes, it was a foolish and horrid act that should be punished, but I know this teenager and the articles, the letters and all the criticism from the community are already punishing him more than enough.

Teenagers, past and present -- and parents of teenagers, past and present -- know that teenagers will sometimes do things without thought of the regrets they will have later.

Everyone makes mistakes. You probably have made a mistake that you regretted and wouldn't want very many people to know about. So, why is such harshness being forced upon this teen? He is definitely not the juvenile delinquent that everyone assumes he is.

Yes, the cat died. That can never be changed or corrected. But that doesn't mean that this teen's life should be destroyed. I know that this is a pet-loving community. But whatever happened to the forgiving community that I thought it was? I hope that you can find the kindness to forgive this person for their careless action. I am pleading with you to look at both sides of this story. I think that being prejudiced is a worse crime than killing a cat.

Jed Ward, Eighth-grader, Payson

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