Deciding To Reveal The Details Of My Vision



Many months ago, I had a letter printed in your paper in which I reported that I had experienced a vision relating to the tragic Kuenzli-Fish incident. At the time, I decided against sharing the details because of their horrific nature. It was a degree of consideration that subsequent events indicated was probably misplaced.

In any event, that decision has been overridden by the Very Highest Power. Although I am not the most humble of the Creator's servants, I dare not completely ignore a Direct Order from the Supreme Entity.

Accordingly, the details of that vision are as follows:

Walking through a forest at dusk, I arrived at a large clearing -- the atmosphere of which was suffused by an eerie, flickering orange light. The far side of the clearing was bounded by a sheer cliff face as tall as a 30-story building, in front of which several columns of oily, black smoke arose high into the sky. Approaching more closely, I observed that the smoke was coming from a narrow lake abutting the base of the cliff, but it was no mere lake of water. Rather, it was a lake of roiling flames.

Looking skyward, I saw a tiny ledge high up on the cliff face upon which were huddled several human figures and that ledge was crumbling away under their feet, with large chunks falling into the flaming abyss below.

Who were those persons apparently in such dire peril? Although they were not recognizable as particular individuals, considering the timing and context in which I received the vision, I concluded that they were those chiefly responsible for setting in motion the progress that wreaked such psychic and material ruination on Harold Fish and his loved ones.

Why was I ordered to reveal the details of my vision? I assume that the Creator's intent was to give the involved individuals the opportunity to repent, seek forgiveness and thereby enhance the prospects for the salvation of their immortal souls.

What if those involved opt to ignore the implications of my vision? That would not bother me at all. Whereas that vision revealed the Creator to be truly as compassionate and merciful as indicated in the New Testament. As a mortal and deeply flawed, I have Old Testament "eye for an eye" leanings -- perhaps somewhat akin to Saul before he became Paul.

Otis M. Trimble, Payson

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