Distributor Makes Beeline Run For Business


Small businesses, including restaurants, church kitchens and individuals who need to order in bulk have a friend in Brown's Distributing.

Located in Star Valley, Ron Brown opened the business in early fall 2006, and was joined later by John Ansick -- the two have known each other for more than a dozen years. Brown had been doing distribution work out of the Valley to the Rim Country, staying in motels a couple of times a week, storing the products at Phoenix rental rates and making the drive up and down the Beeline.


John Ansick and Ron Brown have more than 50 years combined experience in sales and distribution. Their goal with Brown's Distributing is to provide products that small businesses need when they can't make the minimum orders required by warehouses.

"I did some pencil work and decided it would be more economical to run the business from someplace up here instead of basing it in Phoenix," Brown said.

He rented a suite at 256001 E. Hwy. 260 in Star Valley. His business outgrew his first space, so he upsized. Now he is looking at expanding into a couple of empty spaces in the building and possibly opening a dollar store as well.

Rim residents who need products from Costco can place an order with Brown's Distributing without being a member of the warehouse store's buying club. One of the two men will make a run down the Beeline for the orders and return to the Rim. Business clients can have their goods delivered to their door, individuals can come by the store, just east of the Moose Lodge in Star Valley, and pick up their orders.

"We add a surcharge, but our prices are very competitive," Brown said.

Ansick owned and operated the Swiss Village Bakery from 1988 to 1993 and did a great deal of catering, so he is familiar with the product needs of the small food service establishments in the community.

He said Brown's can be an around-the-clock service. Ansick gave an example of helping Creekside Restaurant with a problem they encountered recently. A dairy order came up short, but Brown's Distributing was able to locate the product needed and get it up to the restaurant. Business was so good for owner Olive Matus and her staff, they ran out of potatoes and oil during a recent weekend. Ansick was contacted and able to get the groceries up to Christopher Creek.

"A lot of distributor's salespeople can't even be reached on weekends, let alone asked to deliver a product," Ansick said.

Individuals needing bulk supplies can stop by the store and buy what's needed, if it is in stock, or place an order. The store is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Catalogs from Costco are available at the store as well.

For more information, call Brown's Distributing at (928) 970-1321 or (928) 978-1262.

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