House Approves Bill To Ease Cost Of Classroom Flag Requirement


The state House on Monday approved a bill that would ease the cost of complying with a state law requiring a 2-by-3-foot flag in every Arizona classroom.

Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, is the prime sponsor of HB 2468, which would grandfather in classrooms that display flags of other sizes as long as a flag is visible, in good condition and not made of paper. When the exempted flags are eventually replaced, the new flags would have to meet the 2-by-3-foot requirement. Pearce spearheaded the campaign for the original 2006 law, which mandates that all classrooms in Arizona display the flag, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by July 4 of this year. The bill was approved by the House on a 50-8 vote with two representatives absent. It now moves to the Senate.

Pearce has said that since the law was passed he has seen flags in classrooms that do not meet the size requirement, but are still good flags.

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