It Is Time To Fund New Humane Society Building



It is time the community steps up and does something about the deplorable situation at the Payson Humane Society.

The plight of the Humane Society reminds me of the same situation the Payson Public Library was in several years ago. Before the new library was built, it was unsafe, overcrowded, hard to keep clean and in terrible run-down condition. Instead of books, this time we are talking about live animals that need our help and the staff that does a great job in terrible conditions.

It is time to stop trying to fix the problems with a Band-Aid approach. Although temporary fixes are necessary, we need to put the money into the new building. The electricity is beyond repair. A very generous offer of a commercial washer and dryer had to be refused because the electrical wiring cannot handle it.

This is very dangerous. A fire will occur and how many lives, both human and animal, will be lost? Recently, the water pipes burst and some of the animals were in cold standing water. It is amazing more damage wasn't done.

Like many of you, we take our aluminum cans, buy cat and dog food, cots, blankets and other items for the Humane Society. Some even go and play with, or walk, the animals. We go to the great chili suppers and other fund-raisers. We must continue this, as the funds the Town of Payson and Gila County pay do not cover normal annual cost. We must broaden our contributions to include funding a new facility for the Payson Humane Society.

The land is already there, and paid for -- more than the library had. A building fund has been established, with about $400,000. This project can only be achieved if the Town of Payson, the county and the citizens come together collectively to fund this shelter.

You don't have to be an animal lover to contribute to this worthy community cause. This should be a community effort as it affects all of Payson and surrounding areas.

As you know, the Friends of the Payson Library worked for about 15 years to get the new building. When the community finally got behind it and contributions reached "a critical point," the contributions really came in, sometimes from out of town.

It is time for the community to do the same for the Humane Society.

A local couple has pledged to match $10,000 when the Humane Society raises another $10,000. It can be done -- 100 people contributing $100 will get that match.

Send contributions to: The Payson Humane Society, 812 S. McLane, Payson, AZ 85541 and mark your check: Building Fund.

Judy Buettner, Payson

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