Recent Tax Assessment Feels Like A Mugging



Taxation is another word for theft -- taking a person's property without that person's consent is stealing. So, in truth, taxation is simply the definition of theft.

The other day, I received the assessment value of my home for 2008, and guess what? It increased by 27 percent. For no reason, my property was valued 27 percent higher than for 2007. I have done nothing to the property since 2002 when I had a simple two-car garage built. In 2004, my property tax was almost doubled. Although I thought that was a preposterous increase, I had just moved to Payson in 2002 and kind of figured that the Gila County tax department corrected their records when reviewing the purchase price of my new home. Now, I'm not sure.

If my property's assessed value increased 27 percent for 2007, that very likely means that my tax bill will also increase 27 percent for 2008. This would mean if my property tax was $2,000 in 2007, I can expect it to rise by $540 to $2,540 in 2008.

A "mugging" for 2008.

Normal taxation is stealing and is acceptable to the public if a certain amount of said tax is used to improve the community's property as a whole. However, I believe that a 27 percent increase (for no apparent reason) is not merely a theft, but comes under the heading of "a mugging." I have the feeling that I have been mugged twice by the Gila County tax department.

Except for the election process of our county officials, we have no hope of reversing the exaggerated assessments of our property. However, when the next election time arrives, none of the present office holders will be receiving my vote. They should be replaced with folks who have real feelings for their constituents and their ability to pay such high taxes.

So, folks, think about this for a bit and think about who not to vote for in our next county election.

C.W. Smith, Payson

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