Wal-Mart Should Not Discontinue Local Fabric Department



I received a phone call from a "sew mate" in the Valley today. She is one of our group that sews at our church on Randall Place in Pine for the needs of others.

She informed me that the Wal-Mart stores in Phoenix have discontinued their fabric departments. She called a friend in Rosemont, Colo. and found they also had considered closing the fabric department there. The ladies of the town all sent e-mails and letters and that fabric department has not been discontinued.

We have heard rumors in Payson that our Wal-Mart fabric department will close. Those of us who sew on a continued basis need to protest this. There are forms at the courtesy desk that you can fill out to protest. Even if you don't sew, we who do could really use your voice in this matter.

I remember reading an interview Sam Walton gave. In it, he said that when he started Wal-Mart, his wife insisted on a fabric department in the stores. To me, Wal-Mart is dishonoring her memory by pulling them.

Their motto is "good works." This is not a good work.

Joan Williams, Pine

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