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Q: I thought Bonita was supposed to be repaved in 2006. Is it ever going to be smoothed out?

A: According to an article in the Oct. 6, 2006 Roundup by LaRon Garrett, Payson Public Works Engineer:

Bonita Street from St. Phillips to Bentley Street will be completely reconstructed. The new street section will have a curb and gutter on each side, one traffic lane in each direction, one bike lane in each direction on the pavement, and sidewalk on one side.

On March 5, Garrett said he hopes this portion of Bonita will go to bid by April or May.

"The remainder (of Bonita between Bentley and the Beeline) we are working on for the 2008 budget," Garrett said. "We hope to include it, based on getting a loan from the state."

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