The Fiery Personalities Of Redheads -- Myth Or Fact?



The woman's T-shirt read: authentic redhead, keep out of direct sunlight.

Well, thanks to a bottle of dark auburn dye, I resemble half that remark.

Plus, I sunburn easily.

The myth and mystique of redheaded women is that they have fiery personalities.

Boadicea, the Celtic warrior queen led a revolt against the Romans was such a woman.

So was comedienne extraordinaire Lucille Ball.

And, although there have been no formal scientific studies to test the theory, a red head of hair equals a hot temper.

Cool. Now I have an excuse for the onset of hot flashes. So, it then follows if I dye my hair blonde the hot flashes will go away.

Why do women color their hair?

For some it is an easy way to change their appearance, like a fashion accessory.

"The main reason is to cover the gray," my friend and sometime stylist LaDonia Hopkins said.

A streak of gray reared its genetic head when I celebrated 17, unlike my mom; she had nary a gray hair until she was in her late 60s.

I was born with a head of thick black hair that stood straight up.

My hair was naturally corn silk blond at age 3, and green-tinged from pool chlorine from ages six to 12.

I was a natural dishwater blonde by junior high. Yikes! What hateful person thought up "dishwater" as an adjective for light brown hair?

Thanks to Sun-In, a stripping product that makes cosmetologists shudder, I had a blonde streak on the right side of my head by high school.

I went blond, because I could hide it from my Popa.

About this same time I discovered an application of fresh squeezed lemon juice did much the same trick as Sun-In and I could save my money for the latest Rod Stewart or David Bowie album.

I do not recommend the Sun-In or lemon juice technique to any teenage girl.

First, if your hair is just medium brown or darker, juice or product will make your hair orange. While Carrot Top may be able to get away with this, trust me, you do not want to try.

Second, once you have mistreated your hair, it takes years to grow out and be healthy again.

When luster returned to my locks, I left them alone color-wise because the man in my life liked them that way.

Ah, love. One little bit of independence down the tubes.

Women color their hair radically because they want to or have made a radical change in their life.

I do not mean changing color from brown to blue or green or pink, I mean something within the usual Redken or Matrix color charts.

When I was 33 and reveling in my newfound independence, I went for streaks of red, blond and dark brown.

Thank you stylist Betty Dixon.

She spent five hours painting, then wrapping, my very long hair in foil.

I loved the result.

"Did you color your hair for Halloween," an acquaintance asked me without a single iota of tact.

"Nope, I did it because I wanted to," I said (only thinking unkind thoughts about her hair, coz my momma told me if you can't say anything nice keep your mouth shut, especially since my aforementioned acquaintance's hair looked like it needed to be washed and there is not anything much worse-looking than hair that needs shampooing).

Queen Elizabeth I washed her ‘fashion accessory' only a few times a year. When her hair fell out, the queen wore a red wig and the color, once thought to be unlucky, became popular.

Little Red Riding Hood, Little Orphan Annie, Jessica Rabbit and I are in fine company even though I am not a true redhead.

I just dress myself that way.

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