Christians Have Calling To Love Their Neighbor



I am a Christian like many of you. We answer to a higher authority -- the audience of one -- who has reduced his commands to two: Love me, love your neighbor.

Loving him is easy. He's perfectly wonderful.

It's the loving your neighbor part that's difficult.

God gives us no easy outs. He doesn't say love them if they're law-abiding citizens, if they love you, unless their pets run through your yard, if their ancestors came over on the Mayflower or walked in through the Sonoran desert.

It's simple really, your neighbors, those who live near you, work with you, stand in check-out lines with you, fill your classrooms, fix your meals at drive-throughs, all of them created in the image of God and worthy of every bit of love you can muster up for Jesus' sake. He didn't just die for the good ones, you know, but for every last one of us -- even me.

Don't fall into the trap of setting your mind on things below. We have a higher calling. Live a life of love, share the good news of Christ. God has brought a mission field to us. Don't blow it.

Erin Gibson, Payson

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