Frustrated Judge Demands Answers


Frustrated with residents who did not show up for jury duty, Payson Magistrate Dorothy Little issued 40 orders demanding the residents' reasons for not answering the jury summons.

She delivered the 40 orders in person when it was possible.


Dorothy Little

Most of the 40 appeared before Little on Monday, but there were two to three residents who had died. A few others were incapacitated.

Little said some of the homes the jury duty summons were sent to turned out to be empty homes.

Two residents informed her they had been out of town for two weeks and only received the summons after the date to appear.

Of the 40 orders to show cause why people were not showing up for jury duty, three turned out to be felons.

A convicted felon cannot serve on a jury unless his or her civil rights have been restored.

The magistrate judge said the three -- while not allowed to serve -- should have contacted the court to explain why they could not serve as a juror.

Little said she read the "Site Feedback" published recently in the Payson

Roundup where a resident said he would rather pay the fine than attend jury duty.

"You are still required to do jury duty," Little said.

The magistrate said not one person told her he or she did not show up because they simply did not want to be bothered with it.

The individuals who missed jury duty and are eligible to serve were given a new date to show up for jury selection.

Some were told to show up today, while others were directed to show up on another Friday. Jury trials in the Payson Magistrate Court are only held on Fridays.

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