March Best Month Of Year For Sports


If there was ever a Sports Hall of Fame award given to a month, March would be inducted first.

March sees the return of baseball, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament -- otherwise known as March Madness -- and the NBA playoff race all heating up the month for sports fans after a long winter.

The return of baseball brings a sense of contentment to sports fans everywhere. It is, after all, America's pastime. For sports lunatics like myself, the world seems to spin a little slower, the days shine a little brighter and the possibilities are endless during the baseball season.

During March, every team is in the playoff hunt. Every team undefeated. As an added bonus, teams even get the month to have some fun before the real season starts.

The players get a chance to remember what it was like when they were kids -- when nothing else but baseball mattered. Fans, especially lucky ones in Arizona, get to witness baseball at its most pristine and for cheap during spring training.

It is comforting to know that beginning soon there will always be a sporting event on television, thanks to baseball. In the case where another sporting event may waver in its excitement, baseball always comes through in the clutch and provides an alternative.

Living in Arizona even adds to March's glory.

The weather warms up just enough to contribute to spring training baseball games, making them even more enjoyable.

Major League Baseball certainly agrees. Twelve teams comprise the Cactus League and have spring training facilities in Arizona.

Anyone who hasn't taken advantage of the Rim Country's proximity to so many different teams is really missing out.

If baseball isn't enough, sports fans also get a full serving of college basketball during March.

March Madness is the most consistently unpredictable and exhilarating event in sports. The Super Bowl only lasts one day. The NBA Finals have been mediocre for years.

Only the World Cup could challenge March Madness' reign as the most electrifying tournament in sports.

Every year, the tournament is action-packed. Every year, there is at least one team that completes an unconscionable victory. Every year, teams that are far superior on paper lose to teams that have more heart.

Every year, I make excuses, take extra long lunch breaks and fail to maintain all my responsibilities because of March Madness.

If you haven't followed a season, filled out a bracket and boasted its perfection to all of your friends, only to look like a fool come Final Four time the last week in March, your life has only been half-lived.

March Madness is so consuming that everyone gets distracted by all the outstanding games and forgets to care about Dick Vitale's inane antics.

He pairs perfectly with the marvelously maddening month of games -- why else would anyone let him broadcast?

As a new resident of the Rim Country, this year's fishing license will correspond with March's arrival.

This weather is beginning to show phenomenal potential, I can only hope the fishing here follows suit.

What a perfect month for Little League games, Frisbee at the park, hiking with friends.

March is great for many other reasons that have nothing to do with sports. All months have their high points and there are many other sporting months in contention for the Sports-Month Hall of Fame.

I'm convinced that after consistent delivery, however, March would just be first.

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