Saddened By Recent Comment About Jury Duty



Regarding the site feedback published on March 2, the writer must be young, arrogant and totally impressed by himself or herself. Apparently, the writer did not attend school when subjects like civics, government or history were taught.

When I was in school, jury duty was taught as an obligation of good citizenship, and it still is. Yes, jury duty is a major inconvenience, and a possible financial hardship, but if the writer is a "professional," as claimed, the writer can afford it.

I am also a professional, but with a better sense of how our government works than the writer.

When I was last called for jury duty, for a four-day trial about three years ago, I lost a $15,000 commission.

Do I regret losing the money? Yes.

Do I regret getting up at 4 a.m. to drive to Globe four days in a row, and working until after midnight each night to keep up? Yes.

Do I regret putting a rapist behind bars for a very long time? No.

I used to try to avoid jury duty, but after having served, I will be willing to do it again when I am called. It is one of our obligations as citizens of the only truly free country in the world.

Dale Oestmann, Pine

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