Turn Recent Controversy Into Something Uplifting



Enough with the negativity. Let's hear no more commentary regarding the harm done to Payson's youth because of this simple human error surrounding one player's eligibility. Up to this moment, we've read of shock, anger, suspension, reassignment, disbelief, finger-pointing and possibly even intimations of retribution.

Sadly, these are terms somewhat similar to those used historically in another small town. That one in the 1600s in Massachusetts. Lessons for our youth? Not these mentioned above, please.

Instead, Payson's youngsters should hear words such as human imperfection, understanding, perseverance, courage, strength of character and forgiveness.

This very moment presents a personal test that weighs far more significantly in their lives than what might have been.

Wisdom teaches that youngsters thrive on hope. Therefore, it is time for the adults in this community to stand tall behind its youth and uplift them with an example that is worth following.

John Pauley, Payson

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