Water, Citizen Trust Should Be Priorities Of Town Government, Survey Says


The Payson Town Council, in a Thursday afternoon meeting, discussed goals and objectives to include in the Payson Goal Plan, once called the Corporate Strategic Plan.

The town compiled results from citizens on what they thought should be the government's priorities in the next year.

A survey was published in local newspapers and on the Town of Payson Web site -- 143 surveys were returned.

According to the tabulated results, there was little interest in public transit or having the town acquire a public golf course.

Instead, 95 percent of residents believed they would be better served if the town focused on securing a water source.

The survey also showed that 84 percent of the public who participated in the survey want to see "improving citizen trust" and "improving streets" as priorities.

Water conservation (83 percent) and a drug-free zone (80 percent) were also areas of interest.

Only 41 percent of the surveys considered the library expansion an important priority.

Mayor Bob Edwards said the expansion would need to go through the capital improvement plan process.

"How much money do we want to set aside for a one-time (development)?" he asked.

Council member John Wilson said he thought the library expansion should be left in the goals and objectives for the town.

The council decided to embrace this as a goal and objective.

The airport business plan was not discussed because the council wanted to listen to a presentation from the Airport Task Force, planned for a later meeting that day.

Town Manager Fred Carpenter said the next step is for staff to make a chart with more detail on the goals.

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