Where The Heck Are All The Elk?



I have not seen an elk, deer, javelina or even a raccoon in months. I know we had a very cold winter and it was really icy, but where did all these furry guys go?

Last year, we had elk hanging around all winter. I guess they must have moved to Payson for the time being, but I imagine they will return real soon.

Can you believe these temperatures?

It really is nice in Christopher Creek and it's time to get out and clean up your properties. I don't know if many of you remember, but last year we had fire restrictions in February.

The forest is wet right now, but if we have several weeks without moisture and a lot of wind, we will be back into restrictions.

March is supposed to be very dry and it would be a good time to clean up all those pine needles and leaves.

Chief Ray Larsen of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department would like to thank Arizona Emergency Medical Systems (AEMS) for considering and funding the needs of the department.

On Feb. 26, the department met with Peggy Baker of AEMS to take possession of two automated external defibrillators, a portable device used to apply electric shock to the heart after a cardiac arrest.

Every emergency vehicle should carry one of these life saving devices.

The fire department now has two more to add to its fleet.

The department was also fortunate to receive an AED trainer.

Also, check for $6,363 was handed to the chief by Peggy Baker. That was quite the honor. The money will be used for a CO2 Oximeter and for a portable Portable Pulse Oximeter.

At the last fire board meeting, homeowners were made an offer on fuel reduction.

Gila County has made a 50/50 offer on fuel reduction expenses. Homeowners associations would be foolish not to participate in this program.

Some good news is that some areas in the fire district area have been approved for fuel reduction or firebreaks because they share a boundary with the forest.

In the fire district boundaries, three areas have cleared the "OK to treat" hurdles. They are Hunter Creek, Christopher Creek and C Canyon. But, they don't have sufficient funding to clean them up.

The Pine and Strawberry areas had the same dilemmas. They did take the bull by the horns and did some major fuel reduction. They did some community fund-raising and got it doubled by Gila County in a match.

Homeowners associations and private contributions got the results and these projects proceeded jointly with the Forest Service. This is something to consider if impatience is an issue. Otherwise, the fire department can wait and hope that funds come available before there is a disaster.

This is the opinion of Chief Ray Larsen.

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