Community Quilt-A-Thon


Diane Biersack-Larned and her daughter Rachael work on a quilt during last week's Department of Public Safety Quilt-a-thon.

Members of the Strawberry Patchers Chapter of the Arizona Quilt Guild and many volunteers donated more than 500 hours to the quilt-a-thon.

They sandwiched, sewed and tied quilts; cooked and served lunch, cleaned up and you-name-it for this year's event.

These trauma quilts will soon be taken to DPS Headquarters in Phoenix to be given to officers to carry in their vehicles to comfort a child in a traumatic situation.

The final touch for each quilt is a label that is hand-sewn on by Willene Smith. Willene started this project and statewide more than 4,000 quilts have been made for use by the DPS officers.

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