Don't Let Hateful Few Define Payson



I agree with the editorial "Payson's image vs. Payson's reality" in the March 6 Roundup. Payson needs to do more to promote itself. Sitting back and allowing "muckrakers" to tarnish your image is not the strategy to follow. The two issues grabbing the headlines are controversial and sell newsprint and draw viewers to the television sets. But do these issue define the people of Payson? I don't believe so. Both are controversial, both are divisive, and both bring out the emotions (good and bad) of the audience.

As a Christian, I agree that our federal government has been more than negligent on the immigration issue. But I do sympathize with the immigrants, as Christ sympathized with those who make a living in the fringes of society. There are those who don't have many options, but must do what they can to make a living for themselves and their loved ones -- even if that means working hard with your hands and sweat in a foreign land, even if it means being despised by their neighbors who look away instead of seeing the human in front of them.

We all should respect the human dignity of those who are poor, unrepresented, forgotten and living on the fringes of society.

If we were in their shoes, we would all be doing the same, because we are Americans searching for a dream, the American Dream.

Payson is a wonderful town that must stand up and tell its story. Don't let the hateful few define who you are.

Carlos F. Martinez, Strawberry

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