Errand Business Opens For Those With Busy Schedules


Jaime Jauregui saw a need for someone to help people with busy schedules. She is filling the niche through her new business -- Helping Hands Personal Services.

"It's needed and it's something I can do," she said.


Jaime Jauregui feels her errand business, Helping Hands Personal Services, will benefit area residents.

Jauregui has a part-time job and two daughters, so she wanted to supplement her income, but keep her hours flexible.

This is the first time she has started a venture of this kind. So, at the beginning, she plans to keep her business small and manageable.

She will offer services such as grocery shopping, dropping off and picking up mail, picking up prescriptions, dog walking and house sitting.

She plans to charge a percentage of the total bill for grocery shopping. Her other services will be provided at an hourly wage.

Housekeeping won't be one of her services, but she will open up homes for part-time residents, get their refrigerators and cupboards stocked and do some dusting.

"Really, I will do all manner of things for those who need a little help," she said.

To learn more about what is available through Helping Hands Personal Services, call (928) 468-6841.

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