Ex-Boyfriend Found Not Guilty Of Firing Gun


The Payson man accused of shooting his then-girlfriend in the neck more than a year ago was convicted on possession of stolen property -- a gun -- on March 7. He was found not guilty of firing a gun in city limits.

Frederick Parra Ortiz, 19, was accused of discharging a gun, shooting Susan Crim in the neck and leaving her paralyzed for life. Crim is now 18.


Frederick Parra Ortiz

County Attorney Daisy Flores said Ortiz will be sentenced April 2 on the possession of stolen property charge, which, she said, is a felony.

Crim was upset with the court's decision. She said the last few days have been difficult for her because she has to live with the verdict.

"I was extremely shocked, outraged and very sad," Crim said of the decision. "I can't believe he is getting away with it."

She added that even if Ortiz had been convicted on both counts, she would not have been happy because of the charges.

"I wanted him to be charged with attempted murder because that is what it is," she said.

Crim said she plans on attending the sentencing telephonically.

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