Payson Man Returns To Iraq

Soldier left one month after wedding


Since earning his GED in Payson, Evan Martin has gone a long way.

"He was cooking at Macky's and we talked about whether or not it was what he was going to do for the rest of his life," said his mother, Brenda Williams. "He decided he wanted to try the military."

Martin went into the Army just before his 18th birthday in 2002, and is now on his second tour in Iraq.

"He really likes it," Williams said. In fact, he is considering making a career of the military, but has not made any final decisions.

Martin is serving with the Army's 4th Infantry Division -- the division that captured fugitive Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in December 2003. At the time of the capture, Martin was a private first class.

Only a few weeks before the capture, Martin called his mother at Thanksgiving and told her he had shot someone.

"That would be terrible for anybody to handle, but especially for a 19-year-old boy," Williams said at the time.


Sgt. Evan Martin talks to an Iraqi boy during his platoon's visit to the village of Sharqot in Iraq.

Now, 22 years old, Martin is a sergeant and married.

He married Aisha Silva, a 2006 Payson High graduate, on Sept. 29 and redeployed to Iraq a month later on Oct. 25.

Aisha expects him home on leave in June or July this year and will have him home for good in November.

While she is waiting for her husband to return, she is attending Apollo College, training to become a massage therapist.

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