Quality Of Life Doesn't Come From The Government



I am writing in regard to Mr. Atonna's letter, "Cutting taxes does not take quality of life into consideration," published Feb. 23. The author is apparently of the persuasion that the government can spend his money better than he can and he obviously is not alone in this mindset.

Many Payson residents must agree with him, because we live in a high-cost town, and a high-cost county and there appears to be general acceptance of the condition.

A letter I sent to Chairman Jose Sanchez of the Gila County Board of Supervisors shows that Gila County spends $450 per capita more than Graham County does.

A letter I sent to Mayor Edwards that Mr. Atonna alludes to in his letter, shows that Payson spends $800 per capita more than Florence does.

The difference in the two expenditure levels -- $1,250 per year -- equates to $7,500 for a family of six (a married couple with four children). Perhaps there are a number of families in Payson in that size range, who feel their quality of life would be better with some of that $7,500 to spend on their needs, as they determine them.

However, there does not seem to be any strong push, from the public, to encourage our town or county officials to economize. So, perhaps Mr. Atonna is correct in his assumption that the public of Payson is satisfied with the quality of life furnished by their elected officials.

Or, maybe the public hasn't stopped to think how much all of this does cost.

It has been my observation that "quality of life" doesn't all come from the government.

Dan Adams, Payson

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