Stop Censorship Through Legislation, Political Correctness



State Senator Thayer Verschoor is pushing a bill to limit what teachers can say in the classroom. Because Verschoor is a Republican, his actions are being characterized as a conservative cause.

Actually, limitations on free speech like his are being promoted on many fronts. The First Amendment is clearly being tested by political correctness and its special brand of censorship.

Recently, we have heard that describing an African-American as articulate is unacceptable. Illegal alien is also incorrect. Almost any reference to gay or the like is censored. Even this newspaper attempts to limit "offensive" discourse.

If a free American wants to use offending terms and thereby be labeled a fool, bigot or racist by what he says, so let it be.

Instead of Big Brother oppressing us through legislation, simply promote what used to be called common courtesy. Let jerks be jerks, but our freedoms need not be diminished by legislation and political correctness. Guidelines and judgments about what one says should be made on a personal and local level.

John Pauley, Payson

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