The Story Behind The Story At The Recent Forum



Thank you for your good coverage of the Gila County Supervisor Forum, which obviously had some tension running through it. I would like to clarify a point regarding the sponsorship of this event that may not have been evident.

Both PREDC and the Chamber joined to present another "State of the Rim Country" forum. "Eggs and Issues" was no longer well attended and needed to evolve. There are future joint events planned.

The main point in my message is that PREDC and the Chamber work together and are complementary in their missions. They represent a wide and cohesive business community. Both are necessary for the economic well-being of our community.

Specifically, PREDC has its focus on the development of an environment conducive to a healthy economy. For example, data showing what existing businesses want and need, revenues lost, work force skills needed and actions to bring that knowledge forward in decision making.

The Chamber, on the other hand, brings together existing businesses for mutual support, advertises and fills our events with visitors and plans and sponsors these events. Even though I oversimplified the two organizations, I hope it shows how complementary they really are in how well their purposes fit together. Our business community mostly understands that, but our governing bodies may benefit from additional clarity and education.

Again, thank you for a great coverage of a meeting that had one really bright spot. It identified an opportunity for our communities regarding work force development in the northern county and the support that was expressed.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next "State of the Rim Country" forum.

Christine Wailand Harrison, Vice President, PREDC

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