What You Might Not Know About The Penny



I am writing in response to Noble Collins' March 2 column, "My love for an anachronism."

1. For anyone not familiar with the term, an anachronism is "anything that is or seems to be out of its proper time in history."

2. The United States has never produced any one-cent coins made of lead. That would seem to be somewhat hazardous to citizens who handle the coin. During World War II, for one year only, one-cent coins were made of zinc-coated steel (876 million 1943 cents).

3. Some readers might not be aware that for many years the one-cent coin was not the smallest denomination U.S. coin. From 1793-1857, there was also a half-cent coin (made of copper).

4. A very interesting article.

Dave Heffron, Payson

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