Be Irish For A Day On St. Pat's



Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. This is one day when we celebrate "wearing of the green" or I lose my happy home. Bill's mother was born in Northern Ireland, in Belfast specifically, and immigrated to the United States when she was a teenager. On Saturday, you can bet I will either have corned beef cooking, along with all the trimmings, or I will convince him to take me to a restaurant. Enjoy your pint of Guinness and be Irish for the day.

Fire in Tonto Village

The Tonto Village volunteer firemen were quite busy on Friday night about 10 p.m. Three sheds were engulfed in flames when the crew got to the Kevin Martin residence on Standage Drive. Neighbors were running over with garden hoses when the fire crew arrived. The firemen quickly got the fire under control. Christopher/Kohl's and Diamond Star fire departments were also on hand for mutual aid. Kevin wishes to thank all the guys who came so quickly and diverted what could have been a disaster, involving nearby homes and vehicles. Thank you to Chad Stluka, Nick Fitch, Buck Shill, Jeff Shaw, Roger Cassuto and Phon Sutton from Station # 61 and Rick Washburn, Jay Wagner, and Wally Oznichak from Station #62, along with Gary Hatch from Diamond Star and Ray Larson from Christopher/Kohl's. An investigation crew came back the next day and determined that the fire was of a suspicious nature since there were no obvious signs of electricity to the sheds. The fire is still under investigation.

There have been quite a number of residents who have been burning needles and other debris. Before burning, call the fire station at (928) 478-4875 and let them know that you will be burning brush. Everyone is a bit jumpy after last Friday's fire.

On Saturday, beginning at 10 a.m., there will be a meeting for past and present firefighters at the Tonto Village fire station to review the current situation and discuss rebuilding district personnel. Coffee and donuts will be served by the fire department auxiliary, the Fireflies.


March has been very busy with birthdays in the Village. This week is the birthday of Gary Martin of Tonto Village III. Gary's big day is March 16.

Jenny Wegner no longer lives in the Village, but her birthday is March 16. Jenny works at National Bank and my husband and I have known her since we lived in Yuma when Jenny worked at the Foothills branch of the bank. She is a very special person to us, as is Neloa Beeler, who also works at the bank. Neloa's big day is on St. Patrick's Day, March 17. Neloa always has a kind word to say to all of her customers and we really appreciate her kindness. On March 18, Chuck Rutherford of Tonto Village I adds another candle on his birthday cake. On March 20, June Milke of Tonto Village III has her big day.

Tonto Village Chapel

Women's Bible study is ongoing on Tuesday mornings with lively subject matter from the Bible. Rita Spalink has done a marvelous job of presenting the subject matter in an interesting and intriguing manner. Please join the group at 10 a.m.

Dominoes is also still ongoing, with the gals playing Mexican Train or Chickenfoot at 1 p.m. every Wednesday.

Pool Results

The Double D gals and the Christopher Creek gals played nine-ball this past Tuesday evening. Judy Tolle from Christopher Creek shot for first place with Payge Ferriera and Ethel Cain shooting for second and third places at the Double D Bar. Sunday afternoon, when an eight-ball tournament is usually played, not enough players were there, so a nine-ball rotation game was played. Anyone who loves pool, stop by at 3 p.m.

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