Fly Fishing Angler's Next Challenge



The springtime warm weather has turned many people's thoughts to fishing for bass and crappies at Roosevelt Lake. Add to this, the traditional spring break at most schools and you'll find that the warm water impoundments of the desert have become a popular destination for many fishermen.

Well, there is another group of anglers who are patiently waiting for the Rim lakes to open as winter snows melt from the roadway. These are trout enthusiasts who know that early spring is the time to catch big trout.

After the ice has cleared, healthy rainbows and German browns are on the prowl for their next meal.

With fly rods in hand, these sportsmen try to outwit a trophy-size Arizona trout with a handmade artificial fly they may have tied themselves. Catching a trout on a handmade fly is quite an accomplishment for these fly-fishing enthusiasts.

If you are interested in trying a new angling challenge, give fly fishing a try. There is a new club being formed by local Paysonites who have a common goal of improving their fly-fishing skills.

I would encourage you to contact the newly formed Payson Fly Fishing Club.

The club holds monthly meetings and group fly-fishing trips, and they work toward the restoration of nearby trout streams.

For more information, contact Bob Youtz by calling (928) 474-5024 or by e-mail at

Their hope is to introduce more people to the art of fly fishing the Arizona high country. There is also a weekly workshop for basic fly tying being conducted that has just started. If you are interested, give Ted a call at (928) 474-8849 for more information.

This weekend take someone fishing and enjoy God's creation.

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