Hoping Susan Crim Gets The Justice She Deserves



You wrote weeks ago, "The Payson man accused of shooting his then-girlfriend about a year ago decided Wednesday morning to take the case to trial."

This man's trial has passed by now.

He was only found guilty of one charge -- possession of stolen property. First of all, this is very wrong and shouldn't have happened. Susan is a dear friend of mine and deserves closure. This case did not do any justice whatsoever for her.

I am writing to you to help Susan out. That man tried to murder her out of cold blood. Injustice seems like all the court system has to offer here in Payson. I know the press has a lot of influence on the actions of the people in this town. I love Susan with all my heart and I know it just can't end this way.

I hope Susan gets the justice she deserves

Roy Kindrick Jr., Payson

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