Justice System Failed Susan Crim



I am sure that you will print an article about the case against Frederick Ortiz. I am sorry to say that the justice system has failed once more in this ever-diminishing country we call America.

How does a judge set free a man who shot a girl in the neck, almost killing her and leaving her paralyzed for the rest of her life? How can a judge set free a criminal who was in possession of a stolen gun?

The justice system is failing us, can anyone else not see this? Why is it that the prosecution can only come up with stolen handgun charges? There are many things wrong here.

Frederick Parra Ortiz will be walking around in your community, dating your daughters, working at your local stores, driving next to you on the street, and he will be smiling. He knows what he did and I hope karma will have its way with him. I took care of the girl he shot back in January 2006.

She and her family are wonderful people. She is doing great, the best she can, considering being paralyzed, from the axillary down, for the rest of her life. She has to live every day of her life remembering why she was put in this position. I hope that the community will read this. I hope that the judge, prosecution, and the defense attorney read this as well.

A terrible tragedy has happened once again in our justice system, and they should feel guilty about it.

Jennifer Schneider, Payson

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