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Re: Hatred in Rim Country

I moved to this part of Arizona about a year ago from Tucson. I have lived in Arizona for over 20 years. Moving here and being a half-black and Native American woman in this neck of the woods has taken a toll on me. I have become a shut-in. Or is it a shut-out? I do not make eye contact with people here because I feel the hate. I do resemble a Mexican-American. I am not. Since illegal immigration has been a hot topic here in the Rim Country, I am scared to go out to shop or do my errands. The looks I get could melt anyone's heart. Some say "hi" to see if I speak English.

I can say this, more than half the women and men overseas are a minority. So, to feel the way these people feel boggles my mind because they are dropping like flies for all our freedoms in the United States.

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