Spend Taxpayer Money On More Important Laws Than Adultery



I am writing in reply to the letter written by the Jonathan Marsh and Jamie Silva families about the adultery law.

Let us not blur the lines here. I believe it takes two to commit adultery. Correct me if I am wrong. Marriage licenses are issued to people who want to get married. That does not mean commitment to a length of time or fidelity -- keyword "fidelity." What an absurd vow in a marriage. As is "obey." The reason to keep a marriage together "for the kids" is ridiculous. This only causes the kids to wonder about a bad marriage as they think their parents are so unhappy why stay married. Better no marriage than a bad marriage.

As for drugs, gang and other criminal acts the kids get involved in -- they always use the broken marriages ploy if they think it can be used to defend their actions. And what about kids who have these problems that come from homes with good marriages?

As to the Payson Roundup editorial that said the law was a joke, it couldn't have been more correct.

As for idea that the state should "enforce the contracts," I believe people in these so-called contracts should honor them. If they did, there would be no reason for the state to enforce them. The state should remove this law and spend the taxpayer money enforcing more useful laws.

William Clayton, Payson

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