‘15-Minute Hamlet' Planned For Pine


The pre-teen drama group for 10- to 13-year-olds meets March 23 at noon.

This summer, two one-act plays will be presented by the library's Youth Theatre troupe.

"The 15 Minute Hamlet" is truly 15-minutes long with five or six players.

"It is a comedy with all the key lines of Hamlet," said youth coordinator, Sandy Carver. "Hats denote the characters."

There is even an encore -- "Hamlet" in two minutes.

"How Reading Came Back to Nowhere" is a play for children about a town ruled by Maestro Meanie and his meanies -- Meany, Miney and Mo.

Maestro Meanie has decreed there will be no books in his town, so nobody can read or write.

When a girl comes to town who can read, the town folk discover just what they have been missing.

"This is a good play for a library because it is about reading and literacy," Carver said.

Showtimes will be announced as the event nears.

For younger children, the last date for Movie Madness at the Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library 11 a.m., March 22. "The Land Before Time XII: The Day of the Great Flyers" will be shown. Refreshments are provided. Bring your own pillow.

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