Be Aware Of Wildlife While Driving On Highway 260



They're back.

Be careful. The elk and deer are back in Christopher Creek. If you are driving at dusk and dawn, you need to be aware that the elk are feeding along the highway and drive with caution. I was driving out of Christopher Creek on Highway 260 to Payson Monday morning and Randy Dawson was heading down the road toward me. He was flashing his headlights.


Elk are feeding along the highway near Christopher Creek.

I knew there must be wildlife close by, so I slowed down, and sure enough there were two bucks standing right on the edge of the highway. The problem was they had crossed the road and there was a large hill in front of them and the highway. When spooked, you never know which direction they are going to go. They could climb the hill or head back out on the highway. So, use caution when driving out this way.

Easter egg hunt

Get your Easter baskets ready. The Easter bunny is coming. The Annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children and grandchildren of Christopher Creek will be held on Saturday, April 7, at 2 p.m. Everyone will gather at the forest gate on top of Hill Drive (formerly Elk Run Drive) at the top of Uphill Drive. That's a little confusing. To make it a little easier, it's the same place as last year. There will be hunting areas for toddlers through age 5 and another for children ages 6-12. Children should bring their own baskets to find the 400 eggs the big furry rabbit will hide. Some of the eggs will contain special prizes, and there will be additional prizes for the funniest and cutest bonnets worn by both girls and boys. Immediately following the egg hunt, there will be a Best Bonnet contest among the adults. So, get ready to create the most perfectly fashionable Easter Bonnet ever seen on Elk Run Boulevard. There will be some terrific prizes for the best male and female bonnets. Don't forget to mark your calendars and bring the little ones out for some fun. Remember, this year it will be on Saturday, not Easter Sunday.

Fire Danger is High

Be careful when walking in the forest, and be careful if you are smoking outside. Maybe we will get some moisture to help out, but the winds have dried things out.

I see that a lot of you are cleaning up your properties. Here's a reminder for all of you getting ready to burn, needles, leaves, and slash. You are required by law to possess a valid EPA Permit. The permits are free. A condition that the EPA Permit mandates is that before you burn, it is your responsibility to call the local fire jurisdiction for permission each day you intend to burn to see if it is safe to do so.

Even though the permit is free, burning without a permit, and or burning outside the guidelines set forth in the permit can result in fire suppression costs if your fire escapes you. For an EPA permit application, call (800) 234-5677.

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