Chilson Ranch In Final Stretch To Approval


The Chilson Ranch development, which has been on and off the drawing board since October 2004, is about to become a reality.

The Payson Town Council approved amendments to the 24-acre Chilson Ranch development Thursday night.


The Chilson Ranch development planned for a piece of property near Main Street and McLane Road includes the seven-acre Creach Property.

The subdivision still needs its preliminary and final plat approved, though all the logistics have been worked out.

Mayor Bob Edwards said, "It's pretty much a go."

Developer Hallie Overman said the 153-unit subdivision will be built in two phases. The first phase will have 73 units and the second phase will have an additional 80.

Of the 153 units, 12 will be duplexes and the rest will be built as town homes. The area is zoned for more than 400 units, she said.

Chilson Ranch will be built near the intersection of Main Street and McLane Road.

"We are funded and ready to go," Overman said.

On one side of the project, there will be room for commercial business, while the other side of the project will be residential.

The homes will be priced between an estimated $190,000 to $240,000, and will range in size from 1,200 square feet to 1,662 square feet.

"We are trying to make it look like it has grown there," she said, mentioning the units in the development will not all have the same uniformity. "It's a real nice urban mix feel for a community of our size."

She said the development will be keeping the stalls and stables on the property for the people who have horses.

The project has received almost no opposition, Overman said. "Not one person has stepped forward to say it was not good.

"It is the only project in town that no one has objected to."

When the development is completed, it will eventually connect to Sawmill Crossing.

The development will also build a 3.75-acre park that the owners will maintain.

Chilson Ranch will also have a 10,000 square-foot clubhouse with an indoor swimming pool. She said the clubhouse and the roads to the development will be built first.

Overman said her firm, Hurlburt Developments, plans to break ground on the project sometime in June, but the build-out date depends on the weather conditions.

The project will take four years to complete, and its workers will be paid $20 million in salaries during that time, she said. In sales tax alone, the town will be collecting $2 million over the four years.

Edwards, a proponent of the development, said there are a few steps that still need to be taken, but thinks the project is nearly ready to be approved.

"I think it will be a good development, and it will be good for Main Street," the mayor said.

"They will have to bring their plats, but pretty much it is a go."

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