Immigration Ordinance Sets Stage For Long Legal Battle



How much money is the Town of Payson budgeting for legal fees in 2008 for this immigration ordinance?

It is hardly a secret that every civil rights alphabet organization in the Western hemisphere will jump on the constitutional legality of this ordinance with both feet. And those legal skirmishes will not be confined to an appearance before a local magistrate.

Because litigants must hire specialized counsel and the federal judicial timetable stretches on until forever, moving cases to the federal courts tends to be a very, very expensive proposition.

The community should give Mayor Edwards some credit for choosing not to do things the easy way. The easy way would have been taping a "Kick Me" sign on his posterior and sashaying down the Beeline at high noon on Thursday. That path would have been much less painful and, on deeper analysis, significantly more productive than the direction he and the Town Council are heading.

Sadly, this legislation contains something that appears intended to offend everyone. I would suggest that Star Valley increase the amount of property they have zoned for commercial development. A lot of businesses will be relocating from Payson just because of the "aggravation" factor. I know that I would.

Dan Babcock, Payson

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