Justice Not Served In Susan Crim Case



Ex-boyfriend found not guilty of firing a gun inside the city?

What kind of charge is that for Susan Crim who was on the receiving end of a gun not being fired inside the city? Susie is now a quadriplegic for the rest of her life. Someone was holding the gun that "accidentally" shot her. Why was the gun even aimed at her? It seems that the boy who was holding it should have some consequence for the so-called "accident" that completely changed her life. Maybe a year or more of community work in a hospital that deals with gunshot victims and quadriplegics. Also, a class in how to handle guns so that he won't "accidentally" shoot some other person when he is showing it to them.

Justice has not been served in this courtroom. There should have been a tougher sentence for Frederick Ortiz. He is being set free for an awful "accident." Susie will become someone better and find a new purpose for herself. She is a tougher person than people think she is, regardless of the damage that was done by being shot.

Judy Ryan, Burton, Mich.

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