Payson Didn't Always Have So Many Illegal Immigrants



I remember the days when we didn't even have even five illegal aliens living here in Payson. It wasn't that long ago. Maybe there were more, but they certainly didn't stand up at town council meetings and announce their illegality. We also didn't seem to have so many employers who were willing to look the other way and openly flaunt the law.

It's way too easy to get wrapped up in the stories of "human suffering" that occur when people make choices that put them in a precarious position -- like when they choose to come to the United States illegally. But we should never lose sight of the fact that these illegal aliens have put themselves in these ugly situations willingly.

It might be a nice fantasy if any person on Earth who wanted to come to the United States could just simply come here. But the reality of it is that if such a policy were actually implemented, America would be flooded with every conceivable person -- good and bad, productive and lazy -- from every single country on the face of the earth. So, we absolutely must set limits. The current level of immigration can hardly be called "racist," as some people have implied.

In 2005, the countries with the highest rates of legal immigrants to America were 1) Mexico, 2) India, 3) China, 4) the Philippines, 5) Cuba, 6) Vietnam, 7) the Dominican Republic and 8) Korea (source: Office of Immigration Statistics). In fact, you have to go to number 10 on the list to find a country that is predominantly "white" and that is the Ukraine.

I understand that people everywhere want to come to America. It's still a great place to live, but we have limits on the number of people that we let into the United States. These limits are certainly just. They're certainly Constitutional. These limits are more than reasonable.

If you wish to come to America, get in line. Show us that you can respect our reasonable and just laws and then we might consider having you join us. Otherwise, you probably don't have the "right stuff" that we're looking for to help make this country better than it already is.

Think about this question sometime: Just how many people can you let into a lifeboat before it sinks?

R.L. Green, Payson

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