Quick Action Keeps Fire Contained



My home scanner was buzzing with voices from the U.S. Forest Service and Tonto Village Fire Department last Thursday around 5:30 pm. I watched the trucks rushing up the Control Road, followed by the Tonto Village Fire Department trucks. The scanner told me the fire was at Ellison Creek Summer Homes -- possibly a structure fire and brush fire.

Shortly after the call, the Christopher Creek Fire Department was on the way to the fire along with the Diamond Star Fire Department. The Forest Service was quick to make a fire line surrounding the fire which turned out to be almost two acres. With the quick response, the Novak home was spared, but the shed next to the home was too far gone to save.


The Tonto Village Fire Department volunteer firemen worked vigorously to contain the fast growing brush fire at Ellison Creek Summer Homes last Thursday evening.

The fire was caused by embers that re-ignited from clearing brush around the Novak home. The residents in the area commend the fire departments and the Forest Service for the quick work they made of the fire, it could have been so much more disastrous.

The rehab person for the Tonto Village Fire Department is Dara Sutton. Her job is to supply the firemen with drinks and food if they need to stay on a scene for hours. Dara called me and asked me to ride along with her to the fire. This as the first time that I had been on an active fire scene. I was amazed that with so much activity. It is all so organized. The Tonto Village Fire Department stayed on the scene for many hours after to make sure none of the smoldering embers re-started. A fire looks so much more menacing in the dark.

The forest is now very dry and caution should be taken regarding burning brush and pine needles. Please let the ranger station and the fire department know if you decide to burn. It is recommended that you get a burn permit first. The phone number for the Ranger Station is (928) 474-7900 and the phone number for the Tonto Village Fire Department is (928) 478-4875. Everyone should make certain that all hot coals are fully extinguished before leaving the burn area.

Trout stocking

It's that time of year again. The stocking of all creeks in the area will begin the first week in April, according to Fish Hatchery manager, John Deihl. That is really good news. I have had ‘fishing fever' for about a month, and I even bought a new pole at Cabela's a few weeks ago. I talked with a neighbor, Stu Stewart the other day, and he has had very good luck fishing at Green Valley Park, landing a four-pound trout and bass. He says that he can fish all year round by buying the urban license. I may consider that, seeing that he has had such good luck land really nice size fish.

Birthdays, etc.

Royce O'Donnell of Meads Ranch got left out of the birthday good wishes last week. Royce celebrated his big day on March 18. Royce is also a talented author. He has two books published, one is called "Two for Trouble." Royce tells me that the books can be bought on the Internet, through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. A happy belated birthday to you, Royce.

Sue Prach of Tonto Village I is suffering through a broken collarbone after a nasty fall. Sue has been a part of the Domino Divas and the Double D nine-ball gals so hurry up and get well fast, Sue, you are missed.

Tonto Village Chapel

Pastor Charles Wilcox has scheduled a business meeting for the Chapel on March 29 at 6 p.m. This meeting is a necessary part of running the Chapel, so please attend this very important meeting.

The Bible study class is now back at the Chapel on Thursday evenings beginning at 6 p.m. and the Tuesday morning Bible study classes is still meeting at 10 a.m. with Rita Spalink. Rita has done a lot of research for this study group, and the classes are very informative. Come and join either group and learn how to study your Bible.

This summer, Vacation Bible School will be held on July 9 through July 13. The theme this year is the "Jungle Jaunt." There are many grandparents in the surrounding area who have grandchildren who come here for the summer. Now is a good time to schedule their visits to correspond with the Vacation Bible School.

Pool results

Judy Tolle from Christopher Creek was the top winner in the nine-ball tournament held this past Tuesday evening at the Double D Bar. Ethel Cain and Betty Koutz shot for second and third places.

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