To Litter Or Not To Litter



Keeping cats indoors and safe brings with it the requisite for having a litter box, and all litter boxes are not created equal from a cat's point of view.

The first thing to consider is the number of litter boxes. A good guideline is to have at least as many boxes as you have cats. That way, no one is prevented from using the box because it is already occupied.

Most people want to place the litter box in an out-of-the-way place in order to minimize odor and loose particles of cat litter tracked around the house. Often the litter box may end up in the basement, possibly next to a noisy appliance on a cold, cement floor. This may be undesirable to the cat, especially if it is a very young or older cat trying to get down a long flight of stairs. A new cat may forget where the box is if it's in an area it seldom frequents. If you place the box in a closet, be sure to wedge the door open from both sides to keep the cat from being trapped inside or outside of the closet.

Research has shown that most cats prefer fine-grained litters. There is controversy over clumping litters because they contain bentonite clay which, when wet, is very sticky and can solidify in the cat's respiratory or digestive tract. It is recommended that kittens under 12 weeks of age not be exposed to clumping litter.

It is of utmost importance that litter boxes be kept clean. The feces should be scooped out at least once daily, and the litter changed twice a week, or more often, as needed. If there is odor, it needs scooping or changing! The litter box should be rinsed out with plain soap and water and dried before refilling. It helps to have spare litter boxes, so they can be replaced immediately while the dirty one is being cleaned.

Most cats like litter to be about two inches deep, so there is no need to fill the box to the top. Some cats do not like covered litter boxes. Large cats may find the space too restrictive. If the litter box smells bad, it is understandable that a cat may not want to enter. Small kittens can get in and out of uncovered litter boxes more easily.

Now, meet some of the Payson Humane Society's great, adoptable cats. Our promotional cat adoption rates are still on until the end of March, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.


Pewter is a charming, 2-year-old neutered male gray and white cat. He came to us as a stray some people found in their garage.

He's very gentle, friendly and even tempered.

Instead of fending for himself, Pewter is looking for an easier way of life as a family pet. A comfy couch, a bowl of fish-flavored food and some folks who think he's groovy -- that's what Pewter is dreaming of as his idea of a purrfect life!


Prince is a strikingly handsome, 4-year-old neutered male bicolor gray tabby. He looks like he's wearing a gray pin-striped suit with a crisp, white shirt.

Prince is elegant and self-confident, yet friendly and approachable.

He seems to really like having people around who pay attention to him, playing with him, petting him and giving him special treats.


Bitzy is the dearest, 2-year-old spayed female gray tabby cat. She is very people-oriented and you can depend on her presence wherever you go.

She likes to be in the center of activity in an endearingly sweet, loving way.

Bitzy is an eyecatcher with her pretty face and perfect form. We think she is definitely the cat's meow.


Spyder is a wonderful, big, black neutered male cat. He has a shiny black coat, big green eyes and an aura of complete contentment.

To make his life perfect, he needs a loving family and a comfortable home.

He would be so pleased if he had his own easy chair for lounging, a sunny window sill for basking in the sun, and a kitty bowl that is never empty.


Fancy is a graceful, 2-year-old spayed female long-haired gray kitty. Her luxurious fur coat is high maintenance, so be prepared to spend some time being a kitty beautician!

She loves the attention she gets when being groomed and purrs bountifully.

This sweet girl is longing for a caring home with people who will treat her gently and lovingly and make her feel like a little princess.

Dog adoption special

The Humane Society also has special promotional dog adoption rates in effect through the end of March 2007. They are:

  • $25 for people age 60 years and over (in-home visit required)*
  • $40 for dogs over 5 years old (save $10) (in-home visit required)*
  • $40 for dogs at shelter more than 6 months (save $10) (in-home visit required)*
  • $105 for 2 -- adopt one dog and the second one is half-price
  • All other dogs and puppies are the normal price of $70
  • For the reduced-price adoptions we are requiring an in-home visit to ensure that we have a compatible match of dog and owner.

The Payson Humane Society animal shelter is located at 812 S. McLane Road. For more information, call 474-5590.

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