Arizona Not A Racist Place



The writer of "Hatred In The Rim Country" (site feedback) is taking an LSD trip, evidently.

I've lived my life in Arizona and do not, will not and have not seen the kind of bias she relates. She must be taking some sort of guilt trip. One of the greatest things the State of Arizona has is its people. We were not brought up biased. We believe that we are all created equally. If the writer believes differently, she needs to move to another country. It's the likes of that writer that brings on "second looks" from honest, law-abiding citizens of this great state.

If I were a lawman and saw this lady on the street with her "you hate me" look, I might stop here, ask questions, form an opinion, then arrest her. She evidently does not belong in today's society -- not with that attitude. This is a great place to live, no matter what she thinks.

And, I would also like to write in response to the letter by Mr. Martinez of Strawberry.

Mr. Martinez sure has his attention in the wrong part of the world. I am a Christian like he said he is, but I do not sympathize with illegal immigrants. They have sneaked into our country illegally and have taken jobs from needy U.S. citizens. They are no different then other outlaws like John Dillinger and Jesse James. They have broken our laws and therefore need to be punished. They need a jail sentence, then they need to be deported. Contrary to Mr Martinez's opinion, they do this country no good. They cost us millions to take care of them. Our hospitals are already overloaded, then they come along and sink them. I see the human side of Americans living in this great country, not illegal aliens.

Get rid of them, do it now before they bankrupt this country.

Bob Ernst, Tonto Basin

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