Fish Case Should Never Have Gone To Trial



Based upon the information given in the recent "Dateline" program (which, I realize, is not always accurate), I wish to express my utter astonishment with the Arizona prosecutor who pursued the Harold Fish case, with the jurors I saw interviewed and with the judge. This case should never, never have been prosecuted. As presented, there was no motive for murder. There was no intent on the part of Mr. Fish to go out into the woods and shoot someone. There was ample evidence that the victim was known to have a hair-trigger temper and had many times frightened, if not threatened, others in the community.

Perhaps Mr. Fish should not be glorified for his actions, but he had the wherewithal to do what had to be done in a bad situation.

It is so easy to judge his actions after the fact, particularly when the poor juror did not have to clutter their minds with the victim's history of violence and instability.

The female juror interviewed by "Dateline" kept going back to the fact that Mr. Fish's weapon contained hollow-point bullets, as if these were illegal and, of itself, proof that he was up to no good. It seems fairly logical that a hiker who carries a pistol for protection from bears or other wildlife would carry something sufficient to the task.

The juror, when she learned the facts she was not allowed to hear during the trial, said it would not have made a difference, as if that will cleanse her conscience of what she had just done to an innocent man.

Apparently in today's society, the mere ownership of a gun for protection makes one guilty.

To hell with the bickering back and forth about whether the new law should be applied to this case. The Governor should act forthwith to send Mr. Fish back home where he belongs. The people of this community should begin impeachment proceedings to rid themselves of a horrible prosecutor. Yes, it was a tragedy, but the real tragedy is that, among 12 jurors, there was not a single person willing to stand for common sense.

May God protect your citizens from the predators, for they are obviously not allowed to do so themselves.

Bob Hambuchen, Conway

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