Impressed By Payson's Immigration Ordinance



First of all, I would like to praise Payson for taking the step to implement an ordinance on illegal immigrants before this country is destroyed by the growing number of them trying to get into the United States before an illegal immigration bill is passed.

My heart goes out to the illegals, but they must understand America's obligation is to our citizens first and then we look at other countries. It is the same with a family. First we take care of our own, then we help others. This should be the guiding force our federal, state and local governments must also view things. However, it seems that lately some in our government are more worried about others, as opposed to our citizens. This is wrong.

Yolanda Perez admitted she was in the United States illegally and asked the council not to pass the ordinance. She also said there was no work in Mexico and many illegal aliens are in Payson, working to feed their families. These statements are most likely true.

When she said she had no problem with Payson cracking down on the illegal immigrants who are committing criminal acts, this is a great statement but should be explored. Just how far does she feel this statement should go to be considered acceptable? In other words, is she willing to turn in an illegal alien who drives drunk? Is she willing to turn in an illegal alien who sells drugs? Is she willing to turn in an illegal alien who serves as a drug mule? Is she willing to turn in an illegal alien who is a child molester? When she and others like her step up to the plate and do the right thing, then I have sympathy for her and others who must be deported.

What Butch Klein of Quality Movers said, that he supported the ordinance, saying it is not right that he has to compete with employers who hire undocumented workers for low wages is absolutely correct.

When Chris Wolf, the chief executive officer for Payson Regional Medical Center, claimed unpaid medical bills have gone up in Payson by 30 percent, he was just hitting the tip of the iceberg. The number of hospitals that have gone out of business recently is astounding.

Right now, the rush is on for the illegal aliens to get into the United States before any "comprehensive immigration program" is voted into law.

Frank Livingston, EFO, Garner, N.C.

Editor's note: This letter was shortened to fit within the 400-word limit for letters to the editor.

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