Ordinance Opponents Resort To Emotion



Those attending the March 15 Payson Council meeting heard the newest alibi for opposing penalties against employers of illegal aliens. It's being "marketed" by Chambers of Commerce nationwide, "Businesses shouldn't be penalized because we're not document experts." Chamber of Commerce lobbyists at the state capitol who opposed HB2779 used this same excuse ad nauseam.

The Basic Pilot Workplace Verification Program has been available for more than two years, and employers whose illegal alien employees successfully evade the system aren't penalized. Swift Meat Packing is a recent example.

The illegal alien with the audacity to brazenly appear in public and admit she's an illegal alien with no fear of being apprehended by ICE for deportation makes herself a liar. It's far too easy to be an illegal alien. Payson's council will make it much more difficult.

Her tired old song of "no work in Mexico" was exploded long ago by no less than the New York Times report of a Pew Hispanic Center study revealing that most Mexican illegal aliens left jobs in Mexico. ("Most Mexican immigrants in new study gave up jobs to take their chances in U.S.," New York Times, Dec. 7 2005)

Three cheers for Chris Wolf for exposing the abuse of the U.S. medical system by illegal aliens, breaking ranks with the Arizona Hospital Association who donated $10,000 to defeat Prop 200 during the 2004 election.

Send a dozen roses to Mayor Edwards and Councilors Vogel, Fruth, Connell and Wilson who won't give anyone the option of being the last ones to obey the law. Paysonites can be proud that their Council refused to be intimidated with threatened lawsuits, as was Chandler in 1997 by caving into a lawsuit they would have won.

And a raspberry to Councilor Ed Blair, who whines that he can't exempt his personal economic interests from the law. He chooses to ignore United States Code 1324 that specifies anyone providing services to illegal aliens is "aiding and abetting."

Another raspberry goes to Erin Gibson, who resorts to emotional blackmail instead of rational discussion of facts. The pro-lawbreakers resort to emotion because they have no facts to support their position -- only greed.

By passing their ordinance, Payson's Town Council is protecting "people who have made their homes in Payson who have nowhere else to go." Those people are called Americans.

Sandra Miller, Phoenix

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