A Few Questions And Comments After Recent Council Meeting



After reading the March 16 edition of the Payson Roundup on the immigration ordinance, I felt compelled to offer a few suggestions, and more importantly, ask a few questions.

1. Why was an illegal alien allowed to address the Payson Town Council, at all, about her views and desires concerning the Town of Payson? I was under the impression that one had to be a legal resident of Payson to enjoy this right. What kind of laws and/or procedures were broken? I hope she gave her address, as is customary when addressing the council, so in July the homeowner can be confronted with the first $20,000 fine. Did she say where she worked? (Another $20,000 fine) Why wasn't she immediately arrested when she revealed being illegal?

2. Why does Yolanda Perez feel she is exempt from deportation? The first thing she did was to break our laws by coming here illegally. She continues to be illegal and freely admits it.

3. Mr. Potts, here is a novel idea. What's wrong with requiring a valid Social Security Number before hiring prospective employees? This is something I've needed to possess my entire life.

4. Mr. Blair, where have you been? See, I heard about the landlord piece weeks ago. It's good for the town and neighborhoods.


1. Yolanda, it is not supposed to be easy to be illegal, citizen or not.

2. Diana Vasquez-Miller apparently doesn't remember when one was greeted at the local fast food restaurants by a senior citizen or a local teenager entering the job market for the first time. Now, it's someone who barely speaks English and practically throws your change back to you after getting your order wrong. I frequent the Payson Golf Course. I don't remember seeing illegals working there. Thanks for the info, Diana. Take note, Town Council. Should be a windfall year.

3. Erin Gibson, to say, "These kids are going to be ripped from our schools" paints a gruesome picture. Replace the word "ripped" with "removed" and draw national applause. Refer to your quote, "our schools." After reading about "our" crumbling schools and lack of textbooks and space, "our" tax dollars would be better spent in those areas, rather than supporting illegals. Choke back your tears. I'm tired of footing the bill and hearing our own children do without.

Mike Davoren, Beaver Valley

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